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Ever since the ‘long black’ and ‘flat white’ became a global trend, Melbourne has been known as a coffee innovation hub: from single origin varieties, to filter brews and more, with no signs of slowing down. New 80 Collins concept café People’s Coffee has a simple purpose: serve great coffee to people who know great coffee.  

Founded by quietly prolific Melbourne café couple Domenic and Diana Caruso, together with close friend and co-owner Nic Nayef, People’s Coffee is an operator with a mission to be at the forefront of city cafe culture.  

“As Melbournians, we are not content to be told where to find the best coffee, rather we want to be telling our circle of friends and family about the hidden gems we’ve been able to unearth. As an operator we want to be on the tip of all those tongues,” says Domenic Caruso. 

“Be it a magic bean from a far away land or a filtered coffee that has been dripping away for 24 hours, whatever it is, every café wants to tell its own unique story.” 

Speaking of magic, there are some coffee varieties that are increasingly seen on the tips of Melbourne lips. 

We asked Domenic to break them down: 


The Magic is Melbourne's signature brew. The ‘barista's drink'. It's quite simply a double ristretto topped up with steamed milk until 3/4 full. Served in a tulip cup.   


Cortado, also meaning 'cut', is a coffee drink that originated in Spain. The reason behind the creation of this drink was to add milk so that it cuts the acidity of the espresso taste. There are now many slight variations around the world but traditionally it's served in a glass with little froth and a 1:1 espresso to milk ratio.  

Cold Brew 

Cold brew has become increasingly popular over the past few years and is also my favourite 'cold coffee' variety.  It's a very simple way of making tasty, less acidic cold coffee. Grind your beans a bit coarser than filter grind and place in a plunger. Pour your cold water over the grinds and leave it in the fridge for 12 hours for a perfect cup of refreshing coffee in the morning. 

To sample People’s Coffee’s magical Magic, head into People’s Coffee located on Benson Walk, between Collins St and Little Collins St, inside the 80 Collins precinct.