Light The Way

Designer Şener Besim's sculptural work, Light the Way, lights up the laneways of 80 Collins.

Taking inspiration from one of Şener's iconic pieces of jewellery, the public design installation lights the way through the festive season and into the new year. The 2.4 metre high works are inspired by the geometric patterns used in Ottoman heritage and architectural shapes, a major influence across all of Şener's work.

“The idea of ‘framing space’ is central to the beginnings of our visual language and always has served as a main inspiration for our work, a conversation so to speak. My hope is that these new public works act as ‘VISUAL FRAMING DEVICES’ for our visitors,” says Şener.

“Creating Light the Way has allowed me to be more architectural, and more graphic in the way I interact with the public. Having the works appear in between and within the 80 Collins laneways gives them an unexpected yet deliberate presence.”

Besim, whose ancestry is Albanian and Turkish, uses geometry and architecture influences to create some of Australia’s most beautiful and unique jewellery.