Making Luxury Dining An Everyday Event At Ingresso Melbourne

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Ingresso’s light bites and delicious amuse-bouche are brought to you by the food artisans at La Madonna, the new experience on level three, and the connection goes deeper than just the location. 

"The menu is actually made from left over produce from La Madonna upstairs. We have a huge focus on repurposing and sustainability in the hotel." says chef Adrian Li. 

Adrian is one of two chefs that make up the culinary talent behind La Madonna. Working alongside Danny Natoli, the pair curate and collect the best ingredients from local producers and farmers in regional Victoria and beyond. The menu is continually rotating to hero these quality ingredients, and this is reflected in the dishes that make their way downstairs to Ingresso. 

"The chicken for the Hainanese rolls comes from making chicken stock for the restaurant. We use whole chickens for flavour instead of bones and we use the chickens after. Picking the meat off the bone and mixing it with spring onion, ginger and fermented smoked chilli sauce we made at the start of the year”

"The cheese toasties are made with a blend of cheeses taken from unsold cheese boards mixed with a shiitake XO sauce used on one of the restaurant dishes," he says.

The flow-on effect and focus on keeping these ingredients in-house reduces waste while also increasing the quality of dishes on offer at Ingresso. The options become a creative extension of the luxury dining experience above. Thus, incredible local ingredients cooked by exceptional chefs can become an everyday experience. 


Alongside bite-sized luxury dishes from upstairs, a pastry chef dreams up new creations regularly so your afternoon treat or morning brew accompaniment can be extra sweet. 
Looking for something a little stronger than coffee and a slice of cake? Stop by at Aperitivo hour for a Mandarin Americano, Bitter Citrus Spritz, Yuzu Collins or a classic G&T to finish off your day. 


Ingresso Melbourne. Open for coffee, Campari, and bites nestled in 80 Collins laneways.